Your Personal Stylist
Don’t get lost in the millions of fashion choices out there again. Here’s the app to help you find that most suitable outfit and make you look your best.
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Find That Perfect Outfit for You!

Whether you are looking for an outfit for an upcoming party, or in search of the perfect pair of jeans that matches your budget, Deja’s intelligent fashion search engine can help you find that outfit.

Locate Items Near You

With just 1-click, Deja will show you all the nearby choices.

Style Search

Find the most flattering outfit for your body shape and for any occasion.

Scan Price Tag

Simply scan the price tag and let Deja style for you with outfit ideas.

Snap & Search

Just take a photo and Deja immediately finds similar items.

Personal Shopping Assistant

Say good-bye to shopping blunders. With Deja, you’ll have your very own personal shopping assistant to update you about the latest trends and best deals.

Virtual Fitting Room
Style Guide
Manage Your Fashion Life

In one neat app, Deja provides all that you’ll need to have a complete fashion life.

Fashion Buddy
Come and join the Deja Generation

As the best personal styling app, even the most popular Fashionistas are fans. Ten thousands of ladies in Singapore are already part of the Deja generation and have made better outfit choices, so what are you waiting for?